Saturday, September 7, 2013

The 0350 Post.

I know I rarely update this damn blog. I don't even try to. But it's alright because I know why.

I know for a fact that I get all uncomfortable when I realize people actually get to know the things that're in my head. People I don't even know. Kinda idiotic of me to start a blog then right?

Well I guess I didn't think this through enough. Maybe I started because every source of inspiration or role model that I had, owned a blog. So I figured maybe that's the secret. I wanted to live like them; be them. And a blog was the answer. Sharing everything that was in my head, with the world...

...alright so, I clearly did not think this through.

I remember watching an episode of House MD where they show a patient who was obsessed with sharing everything with the whole world, through a blog. She had to undergo a major surgery and had to make a tough decision. Now granted I don't remember the details but I'm pretty sure it would've been important considering you and death.

She wanted advice and instead of confiding in her better half, she turns to her followers. Using a post. Of course.

Would I ever do that?

I listen to songs that have weird names. And I like airports after midnight. It's ethereal. The whole world is sleeping but that place is bursting with energy, oblivious to everything. People going out of the country for the first time.

Picture an individual. Someone who's not used to staying up late. So what his usual night would be, sleeping and stuff, he's catching a flight to a place he's never been before. Almost feels like a dream. I mean, if it were any other night, it would've been. If I were to die and given a chance to come back as a ghost, I'd be at the airport. I wouldn't even haunt it. I'll just be.

So, wait and waltz at the airport terminal?

It's past 0400 hrs already so the title doesn't make sense anymore. Neither does life. Sometimes, not always. I guess.

And also, I like cats now.

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