Saturday, February 4, 2012

Post Title? No thanks.

Am I gonna do a post on how fast 2011 ended?

Am I gonna talk about why I haven't posted anything in the last two months?
Not really.

Am I gonna whine about my assignments?

Am I gonna continue typing like this?
Yeah, I guess.

Do I intend on annoying you?
No but it's an added advantage.

Have I been experiencing writer's block for the past few months?
Unfortunately, yes.

Do I have I a lot on my mind?
Don't know where to start.

Do I have any new year's resolutions?
Nope. Never had em.

Am I still in love with Yvonne Strahovski?
Of course!

Am I doing enough as far as designing is concerned?
Not even close.

Am I doing something about that?
Yeah, trying to.

Do I feel distracted these days?
Yeah, I guess.

Was my New Year's awesome?
Oh yeah, the best.

Was that sarcastic?

Have I done something crazy in the last month?
Oh hell yeah!

Am I excited about something?

Am I gonna tell you what?
Not right now.

Am I thinking about writing a book?
Oh yeah. It's called 'Life - Fucking Bullshit'

Was that some kinda outlet for vent up anger?

Am I pretending to be a therapist?

I analyse stuff too, so does that make me an analrapist?
That was rhetorical and solely used as an Arrested Development reference. Seriously, watch it, it's hilarious.

 You're welcome.

Do I plan on posting more often?
Cliché. But yeah I'll try to.

So what now?
I don't know.

Then does that mean this is the last question?
Yeah, it does.

P.S. - Even though I'm like 816 hours late, Happy New Year to you, you, you, you and you a.k.a my readers.

Keep living the good life people!

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