Monday, February 20, 2012

Comic Con India 2012

As a kid, if you were ever into comics, I'd say your childhood was awesome.
And now, if you're still into that, I'd say you're awesome.

If I ever make a bucket list, I'm gonna involuntarily add the following. Without any second thoughts whatsoever.
  • Visit Rome
  • Skydive
  • Learn to Snowboard
  • Meet Makoto Shinkai
  • Befriend a hot chick who's into other hot-chicks
  • Attend E3 at-least once
  • Participate in EVO at-least once
  • Attend San Diego Comic Con at least once
I've already thought of all this without ever officially making a list.

Even though I'm in no position to do any of the above right now (expect for the 5th maybe), I did get to experience my country's very own Comic Con. Yeah. It started off last year and it happened right when I was in the middle of some other stuff.

So I reached the venue on the last day and since we've already established that life tends to screw around with us a lot, it started raining. The stalls had to be closed down. So yeah, I was pretty disappointed.

When I found out, it's gonna happen again this year, I had already bookmarked the date and decided I wasn't gonna miss out on this one. And boy was I impressed. I mean sure, some of the things could've been better but overall, I was impressed with the effort that was being put in to make something like this happen.

It was a 3 day event and I attended the first two.
I'm not gonna bore you with stupid humor by deviating off topic nor will I shamelessly link to one of my previous posts to get more hits. Starting now.

So lets get into it!

The main attraction for me were obviously the cosplayers. People dressed up as some of my favorite characters? Yes please!

Starting off, we have...

Azazel and The Crow
Both of them looked pretty cool. If you ask me to choose between the two characters, I'd say Azazel. Why? Because he's Nightcrawler's father.

And because he's tapped that.

And now, my personal favorite.

Hatake Kakashi and Anbu Kakashi!

Holy mother of awesome penguins, it was Kakashi!....and Kakashi from his Anbu days. I know it doesn't make sense, time-wise, but who cares! Two Kakashis means twice the awesomeness!

This guy even had Kakashi's 'i-dont-really-care-while-simulataneously-looking-cool' look down. All he needed was his favorite book in his hand.

Icha Icha Paradise ftw

And obviously, we HAD to do this.

If anyone's wondering, I was going for Kage Bunshin 

Next up, Altair from Assassin's Creed. Lets get one thing straight. It feels so good to be with people who can tell Altair apart from Ezio.

With that said, here's Ezio.

He's awesome right?

And Altair is this guy.

I still think hes awesomeR. 

So props for this guy for choosing Altair.

He was still working on his blade mechanism

I saw him again the next day and he had it working. It was actually pretty cool!

He should've assassinated someone to show off the blade. Wishful thinking <.<

At one point, he actually disappeared. In like a second. We turned around and then back and he was gone. Literally invisible. Then I found out why.

Haha only people who've played the game would've got my mediocre joke

So I saw Altair. He was mostly hanging out with Obi-Wan. Speaking of....

Sorry, got a bit blurry

The best part was when we saw Obi and Altair just chillin near the Maharastra stall. Oh yeah, that happened. The legendary Jedi and the legendary Assassin together.

Next up, a character who I couldn't recognize. But he was none other than the Dark Prince. From Prince of Persia.

Yeah, this guy

In my defense, although awesome effort, but come on, it's hard to guess he was going for the Dark Prince. But yeah I guess it would've been really hard to pull that off. This dude also dressed up as Cyclopes on the first day.

Although, I liked this costume better.

His face kinda reminds me of a Vaizard

Harley Quinn.
I love the character. She was assigned as the Joker's personal psychiatrist when he was in Arkham Asylum and then instead of him getting better, she fell in love with him and started worshiping him. So yeah, the more messed up she is, the more attractive she gets. And I don't care if you say I need help.


And this girl here, is awesome for dressing up as Quinn.

I dunno who the guy is supposed to be

And while we're doing Batman's villains, here's Two-Face. AWESOME make-up dude, seriously. My third-favorite this year.

The guy on the right wanted to be two-face. I burned his face so we're all happy now.

Heres a little stuff from the Vertigo world.

V for Vendetta. If you don't know what that is, you don't deserve to be...well lets just say it's MUCH more than just a comic book story.

V. The anarchist in the Guy Fawkes mask? V.

And Watchmen.

Rorschach. In the background.

Now here's my second favorite cosplayer. I immediately recognized her the second I saw her and goddamn she was awesome! Not only did she pick one of my favorite Akatsuki members but also she picked one who is not usually in the spotlight. Konan. Now that's a true fan.

Or maybe I liked her costume better than Kakashi's

My only regret is that, I went up to her and I was like "Hey nice costume, can I take a picture with you?" I never once mentioned that I knew she was dressed up as Konan. Damn, I probably came off as that guy who just likes taking pictures with cute girls and then post it on his facebook.

So Konan, if you're somehow reading this, I know who you were dressed as and your costume was awesome!

One of the main attractions there was the Avenger's stall. I personally found it annoying. People were flocking towards that area because of some small contests and stuff. I didn't like their merch that much but the one awesome thing about them was that they had the trailer on loop. The trailer is awesome. But what really gets me everytime... Robert Downy Jr.'s character

AND the soundtrack. Nine Inch Nails. NINE INCH NAILS. We're in this together.

There were lots of cool stalls to check out. Tons of awesome stuff to buy.

 Better than porn

Game4u also had a stall there. They're a part of Milestone Interactive and from what I understand, also the official distributors of most games in India.

And I spoke to them and they're FINALLY opening up a store here in Delhi.

They had a playable demo of Asura's Wrath.

He's a pretty angry dude

And I'm gonna insert random epicness right here.

Watch this and thank me later

You guys should also check out Abhijeet Kini. Hes a pretty cool Mumbai based Illustrator. He has a unique and bold style which is kinda awesome. Remember the 'Desi Pussy' illustration I used as a joke in my last post? That's one of his works.

Other people there include the guys from BombayMerch,  Buzzingaa, Inkfruit, WYO, Vimanika Comics, CaptainKYSO and a bunch of others.

Anyway I wasn't there the entire time and I completely missed out on the last day so obviously I couldn't see all the awesome cosplayers there. And it's actually sad. Sad because I couldn't get a picture of a hot Rogue and Alice (from American McGee's) and a couple of more awesome people. I heard the Rage memes were there as well. FTW.

Next year, I'm gonna go as someone too. I've already decided who. Actually I did kinda dress up as someone this time. I was Cole McGrath who was recruited by the Green Lantern Corp. It was pretty subtle. And yeah lazy I guess. But whatever.

So I was a mix of the above two. Doesn't get lazier than this.

But yeah overall, it was a pretty good experience. We need more stuff like this. Comic and game lovers coming together and having a blast.

Also, making this world a better place to live in while we're at it. 

Thanks to Wallace for the awesome pic! That makes him Nick Fury btw.


  1. Makoto Shinkai ftw.

  2. It's rare to find another Shinkai fan here!

    So you've watched all his movies?

  3. Nah just five as of yet, love each one of them, and just how perfect is 5 Centimeters Per Second.

  4. Yeah. That is also my favorite movie by him.
    It's so damn fucking real.

    And Voices of a Distant Star is a close second.

  5. Pretty AWESOME!! I regret missing it, will make sure I'm there next year!! V for Vendetta and Harvey Dent, loved them!

  6. Yeah you should've been there. You would've loved it.

  7. Azazel says thanks and well written :D

  8. How come you missed my friends tribute to Joker?!!........zZZzzZZzzzZZzzZZzzzz........

    1. Cuz I didn't go on the third day when he was there.

      Btw, were you there?