Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Little Things, Part 1

Got a new car? Awesome! Going to France? Way to go! Moving to a new house and starting a new life? Good for you!
Everyone seems to appreciate these things but tend to forget the awesomeness of the smaller things in life that seem to go unacknowledged, everyday. And no I'm not talking about cheesy stuff like dancing in the rain and all. Just other, more uncommon things.

After all, it's the little things in life that matter. Or at least thats what they say.

So learn to live for these moments cuz if you don't then you'll really regret it later when you finally pull your head outta your ass.

1) Sunlight streaming in from the windows in a warm sunny afternoon when everythings quite cuz everyone's taking a nap.

2) The last chocolate part of a butterscotch Chillz.

3) An inside joke between two people in a larger group.

4) Dropping an object accidentally and catching it before it hits the ground.

5) Maggie around 1 am in your room while watching the latest episode of a show you love.

6) Finishing a season in a day or two.

7) Finishing a game in a day or two.

8) Sneaking out around 1-2am with a friend and going to 24x7 to grab a snack.

9) Outrunning a cop during those hours.

10) The last chip in a Pringles can.

11) Customizing/Decorating your room to the point where it gives your mom a headache.

12) Waiting eagerly for a game/show/movie thats still months away from release.

13) Watching your favorite scene from a movie again while reciting the dialogues.

14) Hearing a FRIENDS dialogue and knowing exactly from which episode it's from.

15) Youtube videos buffer instantaneously.

16) Night-stays with a group of friends and staying awake when everyone else falls asleep.

17) A facebook notification.

18) A blogger view.

19) Going to the balcony post-midnight.

20) Going to the balcony post-midnight during a power-cut.

21) Literally going through a dozen shops and finally finding the item you've been looking for in the last one.

22) The 'facepalm' moment when you realize the thing you've been looking for for hours, is in your pocket.

23) A comeback that leaves everyone speechless.


25) Dodging a close water-balloon during holi.

26) Dodging the stuff you're playing 'maram-piti' with in "Spider-Sense" style.

27) The moment when someone cracks a PJ and you realize it's the lamest one yet and therefore, smile.

28) Going to the terrace during the middle of the night after watching a horror movie.

29) Constantly reminding your friends their embarrassing 'fuck-ups'.

30) Homemade food.

31) Junk food.

32) Secretly hiding home-made food in a bag and giving it away cuz it was something you don't like but don't wanna upset your mom either.

33) Website hits.

34) Wining an argument online.

35) Updating a friend's status to something homosexual, when they're not looking.

36) The unbelievable excitement before you buy a new gadget.

37) Holding a firecracker LIKE A BOSS as it explodes it your hand.

38) Watching a movie for the second time and noticing subtle things that you missed during your first view.

39) Catching a first-day first-show of a potential-blockbuster.

40) Online Trolling.

41) Bullshitting your friends.

42) Racing a stranger while driving.

43) Making people feel guilty by bringing up the fact that they forgot to wish you on your birthday, everytime you meet them.

44) Reading your old slam-book.

45) Writing nonsense on your blog.


47) Working on your project well into dawn and being satisfied with the result.

48) Working on your project well into dawn on the day it's due and hoping it'll be enough.

49) Cheating/Lying and getting away with it.


51) Sitcoms.

52) Yvonne Strahovski.

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  1. YES! Like toh-tal-lee!
    Every freakin thing on that list gives me pure unadulterated pleasure.