Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just read it.

1) This is gonna be one of those posts.

2) You know, the one with points.

3) I don't get why people do this

I mean the guy is obviously trying to spread awareness about the global meltdown and the awesomely badass polar-bears are all going homeless.

I really don't get the comment though. Seriously? Thanks?! That is such a random thing to say. And the best part is, people welcomed it. You should've read the other comments. "You're welcome dear".
Damn, if I had known saying random shit engaged people, I would've started my head-boy speech with "Lesbians are awesome. So are twix"

Did you expect something else? Sorry gotta keep the blog clean.
78% of my readers are children who probably need to see a therapist. 

4) Just 10 more working days left for my internship to get over. Just 10! I really can't wait for the 11th!. Not that I don't like the place and all but it's just that; it's not what I signed up for. Yeah sure, I worked on different things, got first hand industry experience but I want to work in an actual design firm. Like this one. Or this.

I mean I wanna be working on cool interesting stuff and not making 3 different revisions of a university web-site led by a guy who I can only assume would be the ruler of a country called "I'm-so-full-of-myself-that-if-I-ever-exploded-there-will-be-a-thousand-mini-mes".

It's clients like this that make me hate what I do. They assume they know everything. They don't give us proper content to work with and then point out a million different things afterwards that could've been better. Hell if they think they know what works in a design more than a bunch of designers then why the hell don't they design their bloody site on their own?
And yeah I get the whole it's their site so as a designer I can't say anything but they should also realize that it's my design and I know what I'm doing with it.

Arrgh, I don't wanna turn this into a rant. Moving on...

5) I found my camera! More like, I got it back from someone who borrowed it and then freakin' forgot about it. Anyway, I just need to buy a charger now (lost the old one) and then photography will make a glorious come back in my life. That means more showcasing, photo-sessions, photo-journal, more visual stuff in general and most of all, new facebook display pictures.

6) Recently many people have pointed out that I'm annoying. HeY 1'm nt P0inTng finGrs but I'm just sayin'. Anyway, I thank you all for your support and dedicate this video to you guys =)

Go nuts.

7) One of the assholes I kn My really good friend got this idea that we should start a blog together. Oh and there'll be one more person in this endavor of ours. I think he meant her (you have a really addictive blog btw) but with my work and all, I didn't pay much attention to what he was saying. But I think it'll be a pretty cool thing to do. The idea of one blog with 3 different authors each with their own style sounds interesting enough. Better yet, I get to design stuff! Hell yeah!
Anyway, I wanna see how this turns out.

8) I had a major re-epiphany.

9) I've got major stuff planned. Really MAJOR. More on that next week probably.

10) I'm re-designing my brand-identity. Haven't worked on it a whole lot but once my internship is over, I'll dedicate major time to this project and hopefully end up creating something better than before.

11) Delhi is getting awesomer by the second.

Check this site out -

Graffiti culture is emerging in the streets of New Delhi
Local artists are painting walls and pieces across the city

Some call it Vandalism
Now Delhi calls, it Art 

Watch the video at :

I totally have respect for these guys and their awesome work. They are redefining our city culture through art & design. You guys are awesome. Now I have to figure out a way to contribute.

I'm telling you, it's stuff like this thats gonna end up uniting us all.


  1. 1) you keep so many tabs open.
    2) well. sometimes I too am those annoying clients, :/ you know. client-designer is more like a love-hate.
    3) haha thanks. lets see how it turns out.
    4) I love graffiti. only I suck at it.

  2. Actually, on an average, I have around 15 tabs open. I have two dedicated plugins for Tab management.

    I just don't like clients who treat designers like their personal tools <.<

    Haha I've never really tried actual graffiti art before and I'm pretty sure my first try is gonna suck but I'd still love to do one though.