Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm torn between two choices....

Do I go for the one who really loves me?


Do I keep chasing the one I truly love?

Nah, just kiddin'. I can't decide between continuing my current blog on tumblr or transfer it here.
Tumblr is awesome for many reasons but the only thing that annoys the crap outta me is that people can't comment. Seriously. What is the deal with that? I mean it's a friggin' platform for blogging! I've tried to work a way around that by linking it to my facebook and asking people to comment there but it ain't that effective.

Now I get it that Tumblr is more of a showcase-style blog especially useful if you're a photographer or a designer. Well I'm a designer with a passion for photography but still I'm not satisfied with it.
You see, I tend to blog about really random stuff about my life. And those beg for feedback. Of course commenting on my posts about design would be cool as well but in those cases, it's not really required.

When I blog about design, I'm the one who is usually explaining something so I wouldn't mind if there are no feedbacks.
But when I talk about my personal life (I do that more often than not) I would really like to see people comment on them. Cuz here, I'm actually sharing (something I don't do that often in real life; yeah I know, the irony).

So yeah I gonna post whatever side-by-side in both blogs and see how it works out.

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  1. I just flipped a coin to decide if I should reply to your *obviously* helpful comment.

    But on a serious note, I would've have if I could've.

  2. tumblr sounds cool, but u would be kinda restricted
    u could divide up ur blog, one for life one for work
    just a thought

  3. than we can talk about mango, the other one and all the fruits in public

  4. Um..you do realize that thats insanely obvious for some people?
    But it doesn't really matter.

    Anyway, why would I wanna talk about that here?

  5. to be or not to be
    that is the question !